Summer Rhythms

In the cool of this July morning, a worker began to hammer on the new porch in back of our neighbor’s house. The rhythm echoed among the trees—a little hammering, a little rest, another stint of hammering, another rest.

Then a woodpecker began to answer with its own drumming, from high in the leaves, during the rests. Was it saying, “This is my territory—get out!” or maybe, “Will you marry me? How about we build a nest?”

A breeze rustled in the treetops. I felt the air currents on my skin. I watched a robin feed a baby robin who hopped along behind. I saw a small red squirrel carry an impossibly long pine cone up a tree and eat its kernels like corn on the cob.

All this because I decided not to read the internet headlines first thing after waking up. A voice inside me said, “I need to know what’s going on.” Then I went outdoors. And in a whole different way than usual today, I am informed, in touch--in love!--with the world.