Equinox Faith

Here are notes from the road, on the Vernal Equinox a few years ago, as Michal and I were exploring the beauty of the desert Southwest...

In the afternoon at Bosque Del Apache wildlife refuge in New Mexico, the air was soft and warm over the grasses. The landscape was quiet. The only bird was a marsh hawk in a graceful dance--gliding and diving, then rising on the wind.

Halfway to the mountains, scarcely perceptible, a first breath of green floated at the tops of the cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande. Spring was beginning very subtly indeed.

I thought of times when all we have is a hint of faith--times when we really can't know for sure how things will turn out. In such times our challenge is to take one step, then the next, living as if. As if the Holy Spirit is as near to us as our breathing. As if the roots of our love can reach deep enough to heal our grief. As if we can find the spiritual courage to become prophets, like Jesus, whose strength is in compassion toward oneself and toward all.

May these be days when a first breath of faith is enough to carry us forward. May we think of one another and feel the blessing of our connection. Together in the Spirit, may we find God's grace at work in our hearts.